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Terms of use of MOBILE TECH SERVICES PTE LIMITED products:

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  • Unlimited Access for the usage of the content of the service provided with Access to Access to all available cateogries such as Action games, App Games, Online Games, Puzzle Games, Sports Games until you unsubscribe
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Registration and Access to the service:

To use this service, the customer must be at least 16 years of age and be able to confirm the subscription process.

In order to use this service, you must also have a mobile communications subscription with a participating carrier or have access to a mobile communications network which MOBILE TECH SERVICES PTE LIMITED makes the service available. In addition, you must have all the equipment and software required to connect to the service, including, but not limited to a mobile handset or other mobile access device that works in order and is suitable for usage connection with the service.

All services offered by your service provider are protected by copyright,trademark and other intellectual property rights. The customer is therefore entitled only to use services even for private purposes in the intended use. A transfer of services to third parties is prohibited to the customer. Any further use is allowed only to the extent expressly approved by the service provider or the partner companies concerned.

Fees Disclosure

The customer pays the applicable fees of its mobile network operator or service provider for the retrieval of services and its transmission (particularly for services that are used by the customer via mobile Internet connection or Internet connection).

Fee Changes:

All fees, including fees for existing subscription contracts, are subjecto to change upon notice from MOBILE TECH SERVICES PTE LIMITED will provide you with the reasonable notice of such change. If you do not accept the new fees (which wil be applicable on a prospective basis only), you may cancel you subscription and/or your account effective immmediately upon termination.

Instructions to Cancel the service:

  • You have the right to cancel the service at any time.
  • You can send an email to
  • You can send UNSUBGAM to 2031

Change of Terms:

MOBILE TECH SERVICES PTE LIMITED reserves the right to change the website at any time.